For decades, UK music has taken the world by storm. Artists like The Beatles, Queen, and Genesis entertain millions of people and their songs are still frequently played on the radio. Even in recent years, the number of musical talents coming from the UK shows no sign of slowing down with musicians such as Ed Sheeran, Adele, and Calvin Harris dominating the pop music scene.  Whether you are looking for rock & roll or funk and soul, house and techno or hip-hop and R&B, there is something for everyone. 

The 7 top cities in the U.K. for a music lover’s vacation are:

1. London

southwest four-luke Dyson, London

From rock, pop, and dance, to jazz, opera, and classical music, London is buzzing with an incredible music scene. There’s a spectacular array of iconic live music venues in London, plus jazz clubs, legendary concert halls, and cool nightclubs dotted across the capital.

2. Manchester

This lively northern city around 2 hours by train from London was once dubbed ‘Madchester’ for its alternative rock and pop culture back in the 1990s. Live music is still very much a part of any night out in Manchester and there are excellent venues, large and small, to see both established and up and coming acts. Check out the Manchester Arena for the heavy hitters or the legendary Night and Day Cafe and the northern quarter area for something more alternative.

3.Brighton and Hove


From ABBA winning Eurovision at Brighton Dome to Adele doing a concert in a Brighton coffee shop before hitting the big time. Brighton has a long history of being the place to catch the best concerts, shows, and performances.

4. Glasgow

Glasgow UNESCO City of Music is simply mad about all things rock, indie, folk, and dance, and of course, it has the bars with live music to match. From famous music venues to pubs with regular sessions, there’s barely a bar in town that doesn’t indulge in a little entertainment from time to time.

5. Bristol

Bristol has an incredibly varied music scene and hosts some of the most amazing music festivals you will experience all year, with both indoor and outdoor events. By blending noise, punk, and techno, the ‘misfits and weirdos’ of Bristol are shaking the city out of its trip-hop nostalgia into various states of excitement.

6. Leeds

In Leeds live performances are part of the DNA, so you can enjoy a drink or two while you take in some top entertainment. Which attracts everyone from world megastars to up-and-coming artists and covers genres from rock to K-pop, not only is there something for everyone out there, but it’s almost impossible to avoid gigs

7. Birmingham

Birmingham has always been a hotbed for music, Birmingham is the birthplace of heavy metal. Birmingham’s eclectic mix of music venues hosts a year-round calendar of live music events, festivals, and concerts. Jazz, folk, pop, classical music, and more.


We have come to the end of The 7 top cities in the U.K. for a music lover’s Vacation. Let us know what your vacation experience was like in any of these cities? Share your thoughts concerning this article in the comment section down below. We will be happy to hear from you.