The month of love is upon us and there are only a few days to go until we celebrate the wonders of Valentine’s Day with that special someone closest to our heart. For the month that’s in it, there’s no better time to have a look at some potential romantic getaways in Europe for you and your partner. Forget Paris. Everyone goes to Paris to look for romance. Europe, with its plethora of medieval cities, stunning beaches, and old towns, has more to offer than just the famous capital of France. Avoid the crowd at the Eiffel Tower and look for a quieter venue for your intimate escape. Our list of the most romantic Valentine’s Day destinations in Europe covers less-known places that are perfect for a romantic getaway.

Want to discover the best destinations for romance in Europe? read on to find out

Stockholm, Sweden

Rather than chasing the sun, opt to go with the snow and spent a long weekend in Stockholm for Valentine’s Day. There is something quite fairytale-like about this Scandinavian hub. Known as the Venice of the North, it’s set on the edge of a beautiful archipelago in the Baltic Sea. The landscape is simply breathtaking, especially at this time of year when snow is a regular occurrence and the air is still

Head to the Centralbadet for a bit of pampering and enjoy the charm of their beautiful garden courtyard amidst the facade of its Art Nouveau building.

Menorca, Spain

The most easterly of the Balearic Islands, Menorca is one of the best places to discover an authentic piece of island life! Discover paradise by trekking down a steep hill to get to Cala Turqueta where you will be surrounded by calm, pristine waters and white sand.

As you get to know the island better, explore more secluded beaches like Cala Pregonda on the northern coast of Menorca or Cala Macarelleta, a small beach in a scenic cove, where you can have a lazy afternoon with your sweetheart.


Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal’s hilly capital, with hidden courtyards, charming twisting back streets, and colorful houses it oozes charm and romance. Hop on a sailboat and take a sunset cruise on Lisbon’s Tagus River as you spot its iconic landmarks from the comforts of your lover’s arms or prepare a picnic and spend the afternoon at one of its gorgeous miradouro, scenic viewpoints.


Vienna, Austria

Vienna is renowned for its music, art, coffee, and sachertorte, a luxurious chocolate cake. It is also known as a magical destination for lovers in February. The city is a beautiful mix of old and new and offers enough narrow cobbled alleyways with pretty houses to get lost in. Go old school and take your loved one for a date on the oldest Ferris wheel in the world. You can even have dinner on top of the Ferris Wheel. Or better still take your partner’s hand and stroll through the beautiful which is filled with vibrant blooms and walk into the Baroque-style summer palace to see how royalty once lived.

Warsaw, Poland

Those based in Warsaw probably have seen the city’s most important sights, and Łazienki Park is one of them. But it is especially worth visiting with your significant other. In the heart of the city, one can find numerous romantic spots.

Celebrate love as you explore Łazienki Królewskie, a vast green oasis in the heart of the Polish capital. Row a boat for your sweetheart or treat her to a nice lunch at one of the restaurants at the park.

Venice, Italy

The Floating City offers incredible magic that makes Venice one of the best destinations in the world for romantic getaways for couples.

Take a romantic gondola ride for two in the canals of Venice as you gaze in amazement at the baroque and Renaissance buildings towering above you. The Sunset Tour Boat offers a unique evening allowing you to soak in the natural beauty of Venice. It is also possible to book a private boat to view the sunset for an intimate evening with your partner.

Europe is beautiful, isn’t it?  Here you have it…various options to make you and your partner feel the love during this valentine’s season and create memories that will last for a lifetime. Did you find this article helpful? any more suggestions of places to visit in Europe for valentine? Let us know in the comment section below.