Going somewhere new can be very exciting, exploring new sites, meeting new people and all these are great and stuff…. But when you actually get to live there and start getting acquainted with the new environment it is hard not to compare this new environment to the old. Suddenly homesickness may slide in and the urge to go back maybe the only thing on your mind. Today  I am here to give you a few tips on how to brace this and move on happily to explore the adventures that await you in this new environment.


Firstly let’s get to know if what you’re experiencing is homesickness or not, hence the question- What is Homesickness?

Those of us who were sent off to boarding houses at an early age may already be familiar with this…but for the rest lucky mortals -homesickness is the longing for home, family and friends while absent from them.


Being homesick is totally normal. But what can we do to ensure that you don’t get stuck in a ‘feeling homesick web’?

Being homesick was something I experienced almost every week of my seven school years in the boarding house I attended. Just the fact that I was confined to limited square meters was traumatizing in itself not to talk of missing family, friends and mom’s special delicacies…

For some people, homesickness could easily slip away but for others, it could be a little more complex, here’re some tips that will help you find a balance between being your normal self and being appreciative of the fact that you’re homesick.

1 Focus on the “why’ you’re where you are.

Before you left home you had a reason to, focus on that reason and be positive that you’ll achieve what you came there for. Being unable to categorically state why you are where you are maybe a sign that you are in the wrong place or maybe at the right place but at the wrong time.


2 Don’t call home too often

Being on the phone always will distract you from exploring this new environment, you might just end up being physically present but your mind is all the way at home. It’s better to reduce the amount of time spent on the phone home chatting and the quality too. For example, instead of complaining to a home relation about how difficult it is to cope with this new environment rather, share how much new and exciting things you’ve already learned in this new place and how you’re becoming more flexible.

3 Keep in touch with home 

There’s no place like home and what qualifies to be a place home but the people that comprise of it?… Nothingggg.

Just hearing the encouraging and soothing voice of a loved one may be all you need to remind you of where you’re from, and what you’re here to achieve. This is not only going to do you a lot of good but also the person at home because they miss you too.


4 Make new friends

Don’t be an island, wherever you find yourself loosen up, greet people, be polite and engage in conversion with people(listen to their stories and don’t be shy to share your stories too).

This way you will get to know about their personality and this will help you decide if you will remain acquaintances or setup to a healthy and beneficial friendship. You may even be opportune to be friends with someone who could show you around and help you settle in this new environment.

5 Explore, explore and explore

Whatever that gets you hyped -is its beaches, music concerts, sports, museums, clubbing….. Try to experience your favorites in this new environment.


It will remind you of happy memories you had at home and hey …be thankful for it. You might just discover a new twist to enjoying your favorite activity.

Rounding up this article I will like to acknowledge that personally, I’ve discovered that homesickness is not something one can completely wave away. It kind of clings and remains with you always because the people you love will always remain in your heart no matter where you are. Also learning to adapt in a new environment only reminds you of how easy and comfortable your life at home was. In this light, accepting that you’re homesick and bracing up to it using the above tips will help you in the following ways

achieve your aim of being in this new environment

Become more appreciative of your home, family, and friends

And probably making a home out of this new environment.

Have you ever been homesick before? what was your experience like?  was this article helpful? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.