It’s no news that if not every country, most countries have closed their  borders in order to curb the spread of Corona virus. Getting away during this period is practically impossible. But the good news is you can still have a great time at home with your family.  Since Vacation-Today is  very  much concerned about your mental and emotional health, we have come up with innovative tips for making your stay at home family vacation a once in a lifetime memory . We could even call it a family Stay-cation. In these uncertain times, we offer some cheery tips to make the most of the gloomy situation.


Set a Budget

Since you aren’t paying for airfare or a week’s worth of lodging and meals out,  you can get creative with spending when you vacation at home. Figure out how much you can extend from your everyday budget, then relax and enjoy your family staycation within those limits. Remember, one of the biggest benefits of any vacation is having loads of free time without rules and obligations.


Embrace the power of scent

Start your scent search by thinking about the feel you’re trying to create for your family staycation. A Hawaiian vacation may smell like orchids, plumeria, vanilla and coffee. For a bucolic bed-and-breakfast weekend, there’s spring flowers and fresh air.

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Buy items online like candles, incense or essential oils, or think about plants, flowers or fresh herbs you have on-hand. You can literally go cut a sprig of rosemary, put it in any little tumbler, and totally change the room. It doesn’t have to be extravagant.

Empower Your Kids

Each family member should take turns choosing an activity for the day. This may be as simple as a board game or a bike ride. Say “yes” to your kids whenever possible, even to your teenager who wants to spend the afternoon alone in his or her room.


Go on a Bike Ride 

Take the whole family on a bike ride, either through the neighborhood or a park or on a trail. Bike riding is not only good exercise, but it’s also a fun activity to do together.

Visit a Faraway Place—at Home

Pick a country and spend the day learning about it. Dress in traditional clothing, cook the food and play a game native to that culture. This idea requires a bit more effort and will force you to get creative, but since your vacation is at home, you’ve saved some energy by not planning hotels or plane tickets.

Do things you’d normally do on vacation, at home

Is the weather nice out? Grab a beach towel and lay out in your backyard, as long as you practice social distancing and stay six feet away from any other “beachgoers.”

At Canyon Ranch, guests to the wellness resort often spend mornings doing something physical. Roll out a yoga mat for an in-room practice with your spouse and the kids, go on a jog outside or follow workout routines streaming online or on Instagram to break up your day at home.

Have a Movie Night

Make some popcorn and pick out a good family movie on Netflix! Movie nights are perfect for a relaxing night in the house, and cuddling up on the couch with your spouse and kids is more comfy than sitting in the theater.


Have a Family BBQ 

Summertime was made for a good barbecue! Grill up some hot dogs and burgers. Kids can play games, run around, or catch fireflies as the sun sets. Something about outdoor eating makes any meal feel extra special. 


Go on a virtual Tour

For more vacation activities to hold you over while you’re inside, try taking virtual tours of the world’s most famous tourist attractions. Right now, destinations like the Louvre, the Great Wall of China and even national parks are online for your sightseeing pleasure


We have come to the end of this article, thank you for sticking around and we hope that you have a great stay-cation trying out the above ideas. We will love to hear from you, was this article helpful ?. To make this article even better, share with us some of your own ideas for a family stay-cation.