Lots of people travel to New York, plop themselves down into Times Square, and never go anywhere else. They seem to fear to venture into neighborhoods that exist for purposes other than tourism.

You don’t have to be among them. One of the most extensive public transportation systems in the world, New York City’s inexpensive mass transit network is administered by the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA). It operates around the clock, 365 days per year, and comprises buses, commuter trains, and the subway. Visitors and locals should observe the safety information posted at mta.info and pay attention to signs posted in subway stations, as well as to announcements broadcast over the subway’s public address system.

Navigate New York -Know before you go

Below are 6 efficient ways of traveling around New York.

1. Taxi

The iconic yellow taxi is certainly a popular way to get around the city with residents and visitors alike. The yellow taxi is easy to recognize, being bright yellow, and having a yellow light on the roof. These yellow taxis are the only vehicles that are allowed to pick passengers up in response to a street hail across the entire city. A taxi shows it’s availability by illuminating the yellow light. An illuminated light means the taxi is available for hire.

To hail a taxi, you just need to attract the driver’s attention, usually by waving from the street corner. Once the taxi sees you, they will stop somewhere safe to pick you up. Let the driver know your destination address. Taxis are metered. Note that tolls will also be added to your taxi fare. New York taxi Fares can be paid in cash, or with a credit or debit card.


2 Subway

One of the most popular ways to get around New York is the New York Subway. This is a great way to get around the city as you avoid any traffic.

With 472 subway stations, the New York City subway is the largest subway system in the world as measured by a total number of stations. It’s also one of the oldest subway systems in the world, as well as one of the busiest. It operates twenty-four hours a day across 36 lines and serves four out of five of New York’s boroughs. Despite popular movie lore, the subway is very safe. 

The one main drawback of subways is construction and re-routing over the weekends and overnight. As a result, many tourists can find themselves going the wrong way or overshooting their stop due to being unfamiliar with the system. If this happens, you might waste a little time finding your way back, but don’t worry about it.  Just ask a local passenger for help. But some travelers enjoy the adventure, and actually enjoy getting lost.   If you are going to use the transportation system, be sure to get a map and confirm your route with your concierge!

3 Rail

As well as the subway, there are a number of passenger railway lines operating around New York City. The majority of these are commuter focused lines designed to bring people into the city from the more distant boroughs, and they include the NYC suburban train, Staten Island Railway, New Jersey Transit, Port Authority Trans-Hudson, Long Island Railroad and Metro-North Railroad.

Unless you are planning on visiting one of the more distant parts of the city, or have booked a hotel a long way from the main sights in New York, it’s unlikely you’re going to need to use one of these rail services. 

4 Limousines and cars

To travel in ultimate luxury around New York City you will pay around $30-50 for a car service or up to $175 for a limousine. This allows you to travel door to door to any venue in the city. 

If you want to do this once or twice for a particularly stylish occasion, or every time, you can easily arrange it through your concierge. Services like Dia7 allow you to book and pay for your car in advance.  Groundlink offers a smartphone app where you can request and pay for a car anywhere in the city.

5 Ferry

There’s a lot of water in New York, and as a result, there are a variety of options for using boats to get around the city, including the NYC Ferry service and Staten Island Ferry.

6 Hop-On-Hop-Off (HOHO) Bus

These buses are great for those who want to get a general survey of city sights, but they are not as useful as regular transportation. Most first-time visitors enjoy the HOHO buses, especially in good weather.