Wait a minute, am l there only one who’s ever gone for a trip and on your way home you’re like ….ahh why did l even leave home in the first place. And the funniest part of it all is that when you were leaving home you were so excited. Well, when I returned from a not so satisfying vacation l realized that this was because of a number of reasons but primarily it was due to failure of planning on my part. Sit tight, let’s dig-in into ways that will help you make the most of every bit of your vacation.

Firstly you will want to decide why, where and how to go.

There are various reasons why you feel you need a vacation. Most people go on vacation because they need time off to break away from their routine, time to bond with loved ones, time to retreat and reflect on their lives. With that said, it is necessary that you think about what you will love to experience on a vacation that will satisfy your reason for going on a vacation in the first place. For example, if you’re a parent who is always working and can hardly find time to bond with your children and you feel you really need to spend quality time with your children to strengthen your bond with them. There you go…now you know why you need a vacation. From here you can easily decide where and how to go. You probably are considering where to go that can provide you with the kids with the experiences you’re seeking. Here is a link to the top 40 family vacation destinations https://www.vacation-today.com. activities you and the children can do on the vacation. It is also important that while choosing a destination you do this with the kids so that together you guys can make a satisfying choice for everyone. After this exercise, you’re now aware of where you are going. It’s time you start making arrangements of how you will go, is it by road, flight or sea? budgeting for the vacation, outfits appropriate for the vacation and other necessary requirements you will need for the vacation which you can’t get at the vacation site.

When to travel

You don’t want to be on a vacation and be worried about what’s happening at home, work or school.  Look for a time which will be most suitable for you and the kids, probably on the weekend. You may also want to consider the peak season for the vacation site, that is when the weather is suitable when it’s not that crowded with vacationers and whatever qualifies that period as the best time to travel for you. Also when you choose to travel if it’s by flight can affect your budget either positively or negatively as flight tickets turn to vary in price over time. You would want to consider looking for a price suitable weekend to book your flight ticket.

Drawing out a fun-filled  Va-ca to-do list with the kids.

Now that you know where and when you guys are going, you and the kids can draw out a fun-filled schedule of all the activities you all would love to experience while on vacation. Knowing exactly what you guys will be doing on vacation will also help you know the appropriate outfits and other accessories that you and the kids will need while on vacation.

While drawing out this vacation to-do list you should also consider how much you have to budget for this vacation. You won’t want to return from vacation broke.



Keeping home and office organized

Once your vacation date is around the corner, it’s time to keep things both at work and office organized. So that you won’t worry about unattended duties while on vacation or returning home to one big mess.


Pack up and head out

Getting all the necessary stuff for both you and the kids well arranged in a traveling bag, double-check to ensure that you haven’t left anything behind. Head out the door with your kids to have a moment of a lifetime.  I can still remember the first vacation I took with my mom, I was so excited … I asked her the name of every town we came across, I struggled to read every billboard, I took several bathroom breaks, I ate and drank several times, I counted electric polls, I sang along with radio, I slept and woke up and I continually asked my mom “are we there yet ?”. What I mean is -traveling with the kids can be very stressful, head out prepared to handle their needs, be patient with them and do your possible best to satisfy their curiosity.