The Best Getaway Locations on the Globe

You are probably so busy caring for family, friends, and career… When will you ever get time and space to just be by yourself and enjoy your own company? Few things are more rewarding than solo travel—and research shows it’s on the rise, especially with women. Sure, you might have to ask a complete stranger to take that photo of you but it’s a small price to pay for the freedom to plan a trip exactly how you want it when you want it. Solo travel can be a lot of fun but also a bit stressful, especially if you’ve never traveled alone before. What if you run into some trouble? If you feel lonely? Are you even going to have fun? When in the right place, a solo trip — regardless of how long it is — has the power to benefit you for years or even a lifetime thereafter. Here are 5 Awesome getaway locations on the globe (for solo female travelers)

1. Japan

From the fascinating cultures to big busy cities to universally excellent dishes Japan prides itself as the safest place for solo female vacation. Japan could be the best place for an experienced solo female traveler, but for a first-time solo traveler getting around could be very overwhelming giving that you don’t understand Japanese.

2. France

First, Paris is an introvert’s dream. French people and Parisians, in particular, tend to be pulled a bit inward in comparison to Americans, which means that you don’t have to face constant draining interactions with strangers. Beyond that, Paris is chock full of activities that are wonderful to do on your own: like museums, long walks, photography, shopping, and sitting in cafes. If you haven’t done much travel anywhere or have never been out of the country before; if you’ve grown up fairly sheltered and you haven’t been outside your region much, Paris is a much bigger leap. You can absolutely go if you want to — but you may prefer to start with an easier European destination where more English is spoken and where tourists aren’t as much of a target. Somewhere like Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, the Netherlands, or Norway. 

3. Spain

Spain is known for its festivals so there is always plenty of opportunities to mingle with others. Due to the huge number of tourists and ex-pats who have chosen to spend their old age in Spain, English is widely understood. Spanish men can be known to flirt so don’t be surprised if you hear the word “guapa” (meaning beautiful) being directed at you.

4. Seattle, Washington

Seattle is great for solo female travel. It’s a safe city that’s not too huge, and it’s fairly easy to get around either on foot, by public transport, or by using a ride-sharing service. Seattle has a lot of enjoyable attractions even when you’re by yourself, like the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, and tons of parks and museums. You can also take easy day trips from Seattle to places like Bainbridge Island or the Olympic Peninsula, meaning it’s easy to fit both nature and the city into one trip.”


5. Indonesia

Indonesia was located on a major trading route and had influences from all over the world throughout its history. The country is made up of several different cultures that eventually became one country of radically different people. Although Bahasa is the shared language, each island and region has its own local dialect, its own religion, and its own culture. Indonesia will be a beautiful place to enjoy diverse cultures, one island at a time.